• What type of paper do you use?

I draw on  regular 11×17 paper with a center box i made that measures out 10×10.


  • What type of paper do you ink on.

11×17 canson paper. i find that drawing and inking its feels very smooth on my tools. a little expensive but i love the texture and feel of the paper.


  • What type of drawing tools do i use.


I Ink with pencils Microns.005-08 ( i find that the ink dose not fade and it match other black ink i use) any eraser will due just make sure its not color eraser i find that they tend to streak.

  • What type of programs due you use.


Adobe Photoshop  cs5  (I do all of my clean up work with this program)


  • How do you make your pages so clean.

I print them out on blue.( it is just a blue image printed and redrawn or inked this allows the art to be detailed and clean.


  • How long does it take you to complete a page.

My process: i thumbnail an idea out 15-20min   i draw out the image i thumbnail out on 10×10 and detail the image 1-2hrs once i am happy with the pencils i scan the image at 350dpi and clean up the image,and then print them out 30 min. then i start my favorite part inking 1-3 hrs depending on the detail. so over all 6-7 hrs per image or completed page.


  • Are you available for work

Yes ,If my schedule is open.I tend to stay busy with work.

  • How can i hire you.

Just send me an email located here.